2007 Fly-in Pictures

2007 Rough River Canard Fly-In
Central States Association
September 28th to September 30th

There are a lot of images on this page, and it may load slowly if you have a dial-up internet connection.

Every year, there are too many great canard aircraft to include pictures of each.
We had some spectacular weather in 2007, making up for a rainy Saturday last year.

James Redmon's Berkut! Sweet!

Harry's Defiant! Nice!

This plane is for sale.

Spam can? Must be a canard builder! :^)

It's good to see some of the other canard designs, like Quickies.

This is always my wife's favorite, and leads to a conversation that starts with, “Couldn't you put some cute...” and ends with me saying “No”.

The Allison's flew in from Park Rapids Minnesota. These nice folks went out of their way to strike up a friendly conversationand I greatly appreciated it. That's a throwback to past years and a long tradition of friendly canard conversations on the ramp at Rough River.

Lots of camping. It's becoming more popular every year, and is a great way to stay close to the action and carry the camaraderie well into the night.

The Rough River prop swap!

Rob Martinson flies his fast Varieze to Rough River every year.

Rob's long prop extension may be one of his go-fast secrets.

Marc Zeitlin explains his Belleville washer prop mounting modification.

Marc Zeitlin's Belleville washers maintain the force between the prop and prop flange when the prop expands and shrinks with changes in humidity, reducing the need for frequent prop torque maintenance.

I have high resolution versions of these images. If anyone would like me to email them an image or two, you can make an email request to webmonkey at rough river dot org.

These pictures represent the quick walk through on Friday afternoon. If anyone has one to five artistic images they'd like to add, please email them to me, along with any info and your name and any other photo credit info you'd like posted. Please do not mail me a DVD with 2.6 GB of high res TIFF images and ask me to pick the best ones. I'd be particularly interested in any photos that might have been taken in the Friday afternoon aerial photography flight.

I compiled a rough video, about two minutes long. It doesn't compare to the artistic videos that others have made, but if you want some idea of what Rough River is like, it might offer insight not found in static images.


Jack Fairchild took the following picture of James Redmon flying his Berkut over Ken Laundrie's Cozy IV.