2009 Fly-in Pictures

2009 Rough River Canard Fly-In
Central States Association
September 25th to September 26th

There are a lot of images on this page, and it may load slowly if you have a dial-up internet connection.

Every year, there are too many great canard aircraft to include pictures of each.


Draggage Pod

Ken Brimmer Cozy

Colby Farmer's "Cat's Meow"

Linda Brainard, Jerryu Brainard, and Elizabeth Ferrell

Elana Hurd, Linda Brainard, and Jerry Brainard

Scott Carters 540 stagger Cozy

Scott Carter taxing out

Ken Brimmer Cozy/p>

Colby Farmer Cozy




Chris Esstelyn's 540 Cozy