For canard builders and pilots, by far the best activities are:
  Meeting new canardians
  Talking to builders, learning new tips & tricks
  "Hangar Talk", exchanging flying stories with other pilots
  Looking at all of the beautiful fast glass planes
  Flying with other EZs
  Getting a canard plane ride to help motivate you to finish your project
  Showing off your building skills
  Showing off your piloting skills

Activities not related to building or flying include:
  Nature trail, peaceful walks in the woods or around the lake
  Observing the beautiful Fall foliage
  Relaxing at the beach
  A trip to the marina
  Golf, 9 hole par 3
  Fishing, along shore or in a rented boat
  Volleyball, sand court near the beach
  Rental boat rides around the lake
  Miniature golf, 18 holes
  Playground near the beach
  Trips to nearby historical, cultural and geological areas of interest
For more info on activities, visit the Rough River State Park website